Frequently Asked Questions

You could sign up here.
Membership is free, but members must buy credits to submit a Meeting request.
You can buy credits from the Member Panel or here.
Credits must be used within 1 month, otherwise they will be ignored.
You can access the our KVKK text here.
No, you can not do that.
Please send an e-mail to to terminate your membership.
You can do this from your Membership Panel.
Members must purchase credits to send a meeting request. Subsequently, you can send a meeting request to the other member by sector or company filtering.
Our team about meeting requests will return in a short time.
EFF is not responsible for providing the infrastructure for meetings. Meetings can be held physically and based on online video conferencing & meeting solutions used by companies. When requesting a meeting, this information is requested from the member.
In case 100% of meeting requests are negative same the amount of credit is defined for free next month.If 80% are negative, one next 25% discount is provided for the month.